Property management in Antibes Juan-les-Pins

Administration of Property.

Why entrust the management of your apartment, house or trade, legislation is becoming cumbersome and restrictive, tenants donor reports are difficult. We intend to complete the full real estate management of your property in good father, our firm is not "banked" and not belong to any group, Solution independent and family run for 50 years.

What is the job of Property manager?

Collection of rents, charges and taxes :

  • Sending the notice of expiry,
  • Reminder of unpaid rent,
  • If unpaid, followed by litigation
  • Count of rental charges at the end of financial year "Trustee"
  • Collection of Tax Refuse.

Payment of condominium fees, Factures Works, Land taxes, Miscellaneous.

Lease Management :

  • Revision of rents on the anniversary date of the lease, according to the indices I .rl OR INSEE
  • Lease Renewal in AUTOMATIC DATE Birthday
  • Leave the tenant on request of the owner, recovery of the premises or Sale of the apartment.

Tenant departure :

  • Owner Information in case of dismissal given by the tenant and request for authorization to rebook with the proposal of the new price,
  • Information Services Tax, Departure and Arriving.
  • Draft Order Deposit Account tenant after release.
  • Establishment of the order of tenant final account once in possession of all the supporting documents.

* Refund Guarantee or work to be performed by the Outbound.

Account Management Rendering sent to the client :

  • Sending a quarterly Minutes of Management, along with a check or Vitrement with details of sums received and disbursements,
  • Sending Scanned copies of all receipts for expenses.
  • Help the Annual Reporting Your Income Foncier.

Optional :
Establishment of the Aid to IRPP, SCI Declaration Declaration IRPP for Foreign Residents with payment of the tax. We recall that all these approaches and our fees are 100% deductible from your income Foncier.

  • We offer our rent guarantee insurance, charges and unpaid taxes, 2.5% of the amount of VAT Receipts, € 70,000 limit per claim.
  • Also subscription Your Insurance PNO increasingly required when claims Condominium.